Existing solely on referrals from architects, designers, and satisfied clients.

We are very proud of our unique reputation for the highest quality homes.

Our success derives from the team approach we utilize:

    • ensuring a close, continual contact between the owner, architects, and project consultants.
    • employing only the highest-skilled craftsmen, artisans and technicians. Our constant on-site supervision in all phases of construction – from architectural conception to the final polish – ensures that the million and one details that make a house coalesce into your home – on budget and on schedule.

To match the unique challenges encountered in constructing custom homes, we have developed an infrastructure that is the key component in managing our projects effectively. Constant communication with our clients and consultants is maintained through daily reports, weekly site meetings, and comprehensive meeting agendas. In addition, daily logs accurately track current costs and strict adherence to detailed sub-contract agreements.

With uncompromising, professional craftsmanship, and the unique attention to detail that defines a custom home, we always work tirelessly to achieve the perfection you envision. We proudly present a few of our recently completed homes.

Second to none in terms of quality combined with value engineering, we pride ourselves on our teamwork, integrity, and professionalism – and are perpetually dedicated to producing only the finest homes. Realizing the vision of your home should be a fulfilling journey.  We promise to work alongside you to ensure that always happens.

We exist to make dream homes a reality. Our only goal is creating the finest custom homes for discerning owners. Whether your personal utopia is a rare-wood Arts and Crafts gem nestled in the hills, a mountaintop limestone-clad contemporary, or a beach estate – we are the trusted, one-stop call that will handle the entire metamorphosis from two-dimensional vision into three-dimensional reality.

Our best references are from our clients. If a visit to one of our completed homes will help you better understand the scope and quality of our work, we will gladly arrange for an appointment. In fact, no matter what stage you are in the planning process – or even building process, we will have the solution. If it can be imagined, it can be built.

No detail is too small – no project too large. In addition to the professional relationships we have developed with architects, designers, engineers and building departments – we maintain close connections with suppliers that are experienced in the unique needs of the entire spectrum of custom home building. Marble or molding, granite or gold, lamps or landscape – we will always find a solution to your needs, ensuring a close, continual contact between owner, architects, and project consultants.

“The culmination of a distinctive, custom residence can only be achieved as the result of extensive, collaborative efforts of countless individuals, personalities and objectives – working towards a single purpose. My ultimate goal is always to build the perfect home for my clients – while ensuring every project ends on a friendly basis. It is extremely important to me as the President of R.T. Abbott Construction, Inc. that each and every client, architect, and all consultants involved in the overall project are completely satisfied with our performance.”

~ Roy T. Abbott